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 Tobacco Beetle / Cigarette Beetle ( Lasioderma serricorne )  

The cigarette beetle is a cosmopolitan species.
Adult beetles are 2.0 to 3.5 mm long and are light to dark brown.
Larvae infest various kinds of dried foods such as flour, cookie, milled cereals, pet foods and dried tobacco leaves.
The larvae are most harmful pest in tobacco industries.

Females lay about 100 eggs during 3rd day to 10th day after emergence.
They develope into adults in 40 to 50 days at 30 °C.
Adult males mate multiply with females from the 2nd day to 10th day after emergence.

Cigerette Beetle
 What's "NEW SERRICO®"?

"NEW SERRICO®" is monitor for cigarette beetle.
The monitoring device is designed to be put on the wall.
It releases a pheromone and food attractants to attract both male and female insects, which are captured by a glue board.

The device has very high attraction and capture ability.

tobacco and food processing factory, container, warehouse of tobacco leaf, cigarette, food materials and processed foods, etc.


"NEW SERRICO®"is used for early detection  of the occurrence of  cigarette beetles and determination of  the sources of their occurrence.

Furthermore, NEW SERRICO® provides the following function by counting the number in facilities.
  ・Survey on seasonal variation in occurrance
  ・Check in pest control , etc.

 For safety
Sex lures Food lures

The lure is composed of two lures that contain minute amount of synthetic sex pheromone, SERRICORNIN and food attractants.
The lure contains no harmful materials and insecticide and is thus designed human- and environment-friendly.

 How to use?

Put the device on the wall or the suitable location.
Recomendation : Height 1.5 m above the floor
             Interval 5 to 10 m apart
Replacement : one month after opening

Place the devices away from manufacturing lines so as to avoid attracting adults that could contaminate the products.
The devices should be placed at more than 10~20 m away from entrance to avoid attracting adults that are living out doors.

 Shelf life and storage

The shelf life is one year after the manufacturing date.
Use up the products within the expiration date.
Keep the products in the dark, cool and dry conditions.
Storing the lures in a refrigerator or a place over 40℃ will cause them to deterioate.

 Specifications & appearance  

・Glue board 10PCS, Sex lure 10PCS (1Package),
  Food lure 10PCS (1Package)/Case

・100PCS/Carton (10Case/Carton)

・200PCS/Carton (20Case/Carton)

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