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Below FAQ is for our traps that target stored grain insects. Please note that the answers may be different for agricultural products.
If the information below does not answer the questions you have or you would like additional information, please contact us and we will answer your specific questions.

What are pheromones?
A1Pheromones are chemicals used by insects for communicating with their peers (same species). See the page Pheromone Traps for details.
What is a pheromone trap?
A2Among traps having both a function of attracting insects and capturing them, pheromones are used as the attractant on pheromone traps. Those traps are generally classified into monitoring traps and traps for exterminating large numbers of pests.
What are FUJI FLAVOR pheromone traps used for?
A3FUJI FLAVOR pheromone traps are used solely for monitoring the emergence of insect pests. This kind of monitoring is essential for early discovery of insect pest emergence, investigating seasonal variation in their emergence, deciding the timing of control measures, and assessing the effectiveness of those measures. Monitoring by itself does not, however, result in reducing the number of insects and does not provide any pest control benefits. Accordingly, monitoring will not reduce the risk of contamination due to insect pests or their damage from feeding on products.
What are features of FUJI FLAVOR pheromone traps?
A41) Easy to use.
Taking advantage of the nature of pheromones, the traps capture mostly the target insects. By using a pheromone trap for a specific target insect, anyone can perform the monitoring, without the need to identify the captured insects.

2) Effective and highly sensitive sensors for early detection.
Insects have a strong pheromone response mechanism, and can be captured even if their population is small. These traps are therefore effective for early detection.

3) Efficiently monitor a wide area.
Since pheromones spread in all directions, the traps can monitor the target inspect pests in a surrounding area within a radius of 5 to 10 meters.
Can pheromone traps be used at organic food sites?
A5Currently 11 products in the lineup are on the list of materials certified as compliant with the Organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), following assessment by the Organic JAS Material Evaluation Association. Regarding products not yet listed, please follow the instructions of the applicable certifying body. Products that become listed in the future will be announced on this website.
What can be learned by carrying out monitoring?
A6The only data obtained from monitoring is the number of insects captured by each trap. By analyzing this data, it can be put to use in pest management. See the page Looking for effective pest control? for details.
What happens to performance of expired traps?
A7The products are designed to deliver consistent performance for the duration of their shelf life. Beyond that, however, the performance may deteriorate. For this reason, they should be used within the designated period.
Soon after setting traps, large numbers of insects were captured. Should the traps be replaced?
A8Replace a trap when the entire surface of the adhesive paper is filled with captured insects.
A trap became drenched with water. Is it OK to continue using it?
A9While the adhesive surface is wet (or has condensation), it is not suitable for use. Once it has dried, its original functionality returns and it can continue to be used. A trap should be replaced, however, if being drenched caused significant deformation. Generally, when using a paper trap, it is best to avoid use in places where it is susceptible to wetting or condensation.
Is it OK to continue using a trap when the glue paper is covered with dust?
A10Replace a trap if dust has caused discoloration of the adhesive surface since this means its capturing performance is likely to be degraded. If the dust is barely noticeable, the trap can still be used.
The film covering the lure was broken by mistake. Is this a problem?
A11A lure with broken film cannot be used. The purpose of the film is to maintain stable insect capturing performance. If the film is broken, the pheromone will be released in a short time and this causes performance degradation.
Are there any precautions to be taken in using the product?
A12Strictly observe the general precautions listed on the product.
1) Do not touch a lure directly with bare hands.
2) Do not eat lures.
3) Store out of the reach of children.
What is the best way to dispose of a used pheromone trap?
A13Dispose of traps in accordance with the standards set by your local municipality. For reference, the materials of each part are as follows.

Small box: paper
Trap: paper with polyethylene coating. The adhesive surface is covered with synthetic resin.
Lure package: aluminum + polyethylene
Lure: polyethylene + paper
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