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Monitoring is a key component of integrated pest management (IPM), and monitoring devices using insect pheromone a effective tools. In this field, Fuji Flavor Co., Ltd, "ECOMONE" Division has enjoyed an excellent reputation for quality products for over 30 years.

Fuji Flavor ECOMONE Division is the first company to launch a monitoring device, having marketed "SERRICO" for monitoring the tobacco beetle, the most harmful insect of tobacco, in 1981. "SERRICO" was subsequently developed and marketed as NEW SERRICO®, which has become de facto standard monitoring device in the tobacco industry. NEW SERRICO® has also been used in the food, pharmaceutical and warehousing industries.

"ECOMONE" Division is now a specialized manufacturer of monitoring devices for insect. We currently produce and sell over 20 monitoring devices that are exported to more than 100 countries/areas and are used for monitoring.

We continue to develop new monitoring devices that meet the demands of customers with research institutes and universities around the world. Furthermore, we will continue to endeavor to fully satisfy future customer needs.
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We have two more divisions.

  • Tobacco Flavors Division
  • Food Flavors Divion
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