Q&A for Stored- Products Insects

The following Q&A targets our products for stored-product insects.
Information below may not apply to agricultural pests.
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Q1 What is a pheromone device?
A1 A pheromone device consists of a lure(s) and a trap. The lure contains pheromones that attract the target insects. The device captures the insects attracted by the pheromone.
Pheromone devices are classified into three types, based on the capture method:
(1) Glue type: an adhesive is used to capture the insects. This type is mainly used in factories and warehouses
(2) Water-pan type: a liquid, such as oil or soapy water, is used to capture the insects
(3) Dry type: the device has a structure that does not allow the escape of captured insects.
Q2 What features does a pheromone device have?
A2 A pheromone device has the following features:
(1) Anybody can use it easily without training. Each species has its own pheromone, which works only for that species, and this is called species specificity. For this reason, the pheromone device captures only the target insects. We know which species will be captured when the device is used, meaning that no training is required to identify the insects.
(2) It is a highly effective sensor for the early detection of insects. Insects are very sensitive to their pheromones, so pheromone device can capture individuals even if the population size is very small.
(3) It monitors a wide range efficiently. Pheromones disperse in every direction, so a pheromone device can monitor target pests living in an area with a radius of 5 to 10 m.
Q3 In what applications can pheromone devices be used?
A3 Pheromone devices made by Fuji Flavor Co., Ltd., are exclusively designed for monitoring use, and can be used for the early detection of target pests, clarifying the seasonal prevalence of pests, determining when control measures should be used, and evaluating the results of control measures. The devices cannot be expected to exterminate or control pests (including causing the pest population to decrease), to decrease the contamination risk from pests, or to decrease the damage caused by pests feeding.
Q4 Can pheromone devices be used at sites conforming to the Japanese agricultural organic standards?
A4 Our products listed below can be used at sites conforming to the Japanese agricultural organic standards. These products are included in the "List of the Materials Evaluated for Conformity to Organic JAS Standard" as materials that conform to the "attached Table 4" for agents that can be used in postharvest factories. Pheromone devices that are made by Fuji Flavor and are currently listed (in January 2013) are given below.
We will inform you of products that become listed as materials that conform to the "attached Table 4" of the Japanese agricultural organic standards in the future by putting information on our internet pages and elsewhere. Products of other companies cannot always be used at sites where organic foods are prepared or stored, even if the target pest is the same as the target of one of our products, so care should be taken.

Product name Target pest Scientific name
NEW SERRICO® 1) Tobacco beetle Lasioderma serricorne
GACHON® Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella
Tobacco moth Ephestia elutella
Rice moth Corcyra cephalonica
TORIOS® Red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum
Lesser grain borer Rhyzopertha dominica
Khapra beetle Trogoderma granarium
Flat grain beetle Cryptolestes pusillus
Maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais
HIRESIS® Carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci

1) Only pheromone agents are allowed to be used, per the Japanese agricultural organic standards.
Q5 How should pheromone devices be arranged?
A5 The recommended installation positions for the pheromone devices we make are presented in the table below. Areas that are crowded with machines, raw materials, and products prevent pheromones dispersing effectively, so devices should be placed at smaller intervals than 10m in such areas.

Product name Installation position Example of installation Installation interval
NEW SERRICO® Install the device with the back of the device in contact with a wall or pillar at a height of 1.5 m from the floor. 5 - 10m
TORIOS® Install the device so that the cover (for placing the glue board) is in contact with the floor.
Q6 What precautions should be taken when pheromone devices are used?
A6 Avoid the following.
(1) Installation around a manufacturing line
Pheromone devices installed around a manufacturing line will attract insects to that line, and some of the attracted insects are likely to contaminate the products.
(2) Installation around an entrance or a window
Stored-product insects live both inside and outside factories and warehouses. Devices installed around an entrance or a window may attract and capture stored-product insects that live outside the building. Unfortunately, there is no method for discriminating between individuals from indoors and those from outdoors, so the number of catches will include individuals from both inside and outside the building being monitored. Even if far fewer insects are caught from outside than from inside, the data will indicate that all of the insects were within the building, and this will cause miss-judged pest management decisions to be taken.
Q7 Is it alright to place pheromone devices for different target insects side by side?
A7 Yes. Pheromones are species-specific, so there is no problem installing pheromone devices for different target pests side-by-side. However, when two devices are located side-by-side, insects attracted by one pheromone may be captured by a device containing another pheromone. Be sure to allow an interval of 0.5 to 1 m between devices to avoid this.
Q8 How does the device performance change after the expiration date stated on the product?
A8 Our products are designed to offer stable performance until the expiration date. The product performance deteriorates after the expiration date. Pheromone devices that are used after the expiration date may not reflect the actual state of the pests in the study area. We cannot guarantee the device performance after the expiration date.
Q9 Can an insect species other than the target pests be captured by pheromone devices?
A9 No. Each pheromone is species-specific, so in rule, only the target pests are captured. However, when two insect species have a common pheromone both species may be captured. For example, the pheromone device for Indian meal moths (GACHON®) may also capture tobacco moths, dried currant moths, and Mediterranean flour moths. These species of moths are rarely found in the same place at the same time, so only one species is usually captured.
Q10 A large number of insects were captured soon after installing the devices. Should the devices be replaced?
A10 Replace the devices when captured insects completely cover the glue sheet. The insect-capturing performance usually decreases when the number of catches exceeds a certain limit. Our test results indicate that the performance is not reduced until the number of catches reaches 800 for tobacco beetle pheromone devices (NEW SERRICO®) or 150 for Indian meal moth pheromone devices (GACHON®).
Q11 The devices got wet. Is it alright to use wet devices?
A11 The device will not work when the glue board is covered with water (or when dew has condensed on it). However, the device can be used once the glue board has dried. The device should be replaced if it becomes deformed by water or dew condensing on it. It is desirable to avoid using a device (1) where it is easily exposed to water or (2) where dew condenses easily.
Q12 The glue surface of a device was covered by dust. Can the device still be used?
A12 The insect-capturing performance will be decreased if the entire glue surface is covered by dust. In this case, replace the device with a new one. However, the device may continue to be used if the dust is relatively inconspicuous.
Q13 The film covering the lure was broken by mistake. Can we use this?
A13 No. The lure cannot be used. The film has a role in maintaining the insect-capturing performance of the device. Once the film is broken, the pheromone will be discharged within a short time and the device will lose its insect-capturing ability within a few days.
Q14 Are there any precautions that should be taken when handling the product?
A14 The following precautions are printed on the back of each device and on the packaging material:
(1) Do not touch the lure directly with your hands;
(2) Do not eat;
(3) Keep out of the reach of children.
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